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The house at 1341 Walla Walla Ave. was built in 1906. At this time there was no Walla Walla Ave, and the property was outside the city limits.  In 1911 the house was purchased by Mr. O. D. Keen and his wife Bertha, and was then the Keen family home for the better part of 100 years.   In 2003 the property was purchased from Lester Keen by Rick & Jill Chandler and Laurie & Jeff Harrison,  who now own and operate the "Inn At Woodhaven Farm"
The picture on the right is the Keen family in their front yard in 1911, and the house in its original configuration.

   Mr. and  Mrs.  O. D.  Keen
Werde Keen ( top left )
   Ena Keen ( top center )
   Lawrence Keen top right)
   Lester Keen ( bottom center )

  Formal family portrait 1914

1927  1938 1945 1957

We would like to thank the Jack Keen family( Lester's son),  and the Evelyn Loudermilk  family ( Ena's daughter)  for these pictures and historical information on the property.